Gift Giving Is A Form of Art

washing_up_clipart2When we shop, we tend to shop emotionally. When artist work they tend to create out of emotions. Whats the difference, not much. When you spend time searching for that perfect gift you put in a lot of thought and emotions to what would be that perfect special gift. Questions we subconsciously ask; What will set my gift apart from the rest. Will it touch them in such a way that they will know I cared enough to figure them out personally. Maybe its just about finding a common non-personal gift that shows you cared enough to think about them and you gave them a gift to let them know just that.

The kinds of emotions we pour out when shopping help us find those perfect gifts. Excitement, Fire, Sensualness, Caring, Belief, Uplifting, Nurturing, Expense, Love, etc…. the list of feelings goes on. Artist work the same way, until they created that perfect masterpiece. You go through something similar until you find that perfect gift and you discover that Ah-Ha moment. Instead of creating, were shopping! But the end result is the same, a masterful work of art; The Perfect Gift.

Art is a way to connect with the world through the artists expressions. You express your feelings and knowledge when shopping for another person. Your gift, the one you spent minutes, hours, days, or weeks shopping for is a way you express yourself and connect. I know my analogy seems a bit funny, but its a fact that millions of dollars is spent on the study of human psychology and shopping. So Im not to far off with my philosophy on shopping.

Thats why I created a website to help you shop, to help you express your self, to give you good advice (reviews) on products that people love to give and to get. Since we shop emotionally, we can tend to spend emotionally, so I have included in my articles coupons, promo codes, and coupon codes to help save you money.  So, Lets go Shopping!

by Ophelia Bedford