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Tervis Tumbler Coupon Code 25% Off in Tervis CouponsMarch 2015.

Tervis Tumbler Coupon Code will save you 25% off plus Free shipping on Every Order (For Limited Time). Tervis Tumbler is one of the best engineered cups selling in stores and online. Tervis offers eight tumbler sizes, plus hundreds of customizable designs, emblems and accessory combinations. Tervis is one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive. These tumblers will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. You won’t need a coaster with these cups, because they don’t sweat and Tervis lets you customize your cup with your own personal designs or photographs. The best feature of all is their lifetime guarantee. They will replace your damaged cup free of charge; all you have to pay for is the shipping to get your damaged cup to them. Also every cup is made right here in America. 


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Tervis Tumbler CouponThis NFL season you should use Tervis Tumblers at your next NFL house party or tailgating party. Tervis offers NFL Pro Sport team logos from every state. You can choose from a wide variety of designs for each NFL Pro Sport team, you can even get your favorite player on your cup. Tervis also offers MLB Pro Sport, MLS, PGA, LPGA, Kentucky Derby and NASCAR just to name a few. You can find many more under their Pro Sports tab.


Tervis CouponTervis 25% OffTervis Coupon Code

Since I’m a huge fan of Tervis Tumblers and Football, I prepared ahead of time and bought a dozen Tervis Tumblers displaying my favorite football team and players and used them at my football party. They were the talk of the party; they made my party a huge hit. They kept everyone’s drinks cold; no messy ring stains on my coffee tables, and best of all they were a breeze to clean up. I placed them all in the dishwasher for quick clean up, since they are dishwasher safe. I bought lids with straws for the kids and the grown-ups had their own designs so there were no lost drinks or mix ups. Best of all no wasted drinks! These cups were the talk of the party; everybody loved drinking out of them. Move over Red Solo cup, there’s a new party cup, Tervis Tumbler.

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Who would have thought a cup could bring so much pleasure. With its engineered twin wall thermal insulated design keeping your hot drinks hot, without burning your hands, and your cold drinks cold longer without sweating all over the place, its ingenious.  That’s what I love about Tervis, not only are the cups ingenious in structure, but you also have the freedom to choose from thousands of different designs. Tervis even makes it easy for you to upload your very own one of a kind masterpiece. I display my children’s artwork on a couple of my cups.

Tervis Tumbler will make a great school project for those keepsake years. I voted a couple of years ago to allow our kindergartners to create Christmas artwork, using their little hand prints along with a  picture of them to create their very own personalized gift for mom and dad. It was super easy as we just uploaded it to the Tervis Tumbler website and within two weeks we received our cups.  They gave them to mom and dad at Christmas. It was a huge hit! Every parent loved it and now we do it every year. We also give the upper grade children the option to create their own work of art or a picture collage to share with family and friends. The children love it and so does the person who receives it. And since you can order a personalized designed cup for under $25 its affordable for everyone.

Calling all Duck Fans, now Tervis offers Duck Dynasty on their Tervis cups. They have several wrap designs to choose from. I know what I’m getting my best friend for her birthday. Did I mention that they have thousands of designs to choose from? You could even create your own duck dynasty design. How cool is that.

Tervis Tumbler WeddingTervis Customizable DesignsTervis Coupon Free Shipping

Tervis Tumbler’s come in several designs. They offer the Goblet Tumbler, the wave, an 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz and 24oz tumbler, a mug and a water bottle. I love the goblet tumbler it sports an inner stem giving it that touch of class and dash of whimsy. It’s basically a 16oz insulated wine glass, perfect for the pool or beach, when you want to conceal your favorite mommy juice without sacrificing the wine glass look. It’s one of my favorites. I also love their sports water bottles; I bought them for my kids to use at their games. I let them design it and they made each water bottle personal, by choosing their own designs that reflects their personality. These water bottles are tough and hold up well.

Tervis Cupboard

Tervis Website offers neat little features, such as the online chat, and the ability to show your Tervis tumbler off with Instagram. You can even turn your Instagram photo into your next cup creation. Tervis also offers a community tab which offers neat ideas for the different ways you could use a Tervis Tumbler. Tervis Tumbler is really a great product and also a great go-to gift that is sure to be a huge hit.

So don’t hesitate, take advantage of my Tervis Tumbler Coupon Code and save money on your next Tervis purchase. Click on the coupon link above and it will take you right to their site, so you can order your very own Tervis Tumbler for yourself or as a gift for that special person in your life.

by Ophelia Bedford